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OPD practice management app for paperless clinic

ePrescriptions | Appointments | Patient Queue Management | Workflow Management | Custom Forms | Billing

Digitization, archival and cloud backup of Indoor Patient records

Custom Tags | XRays | MRIs | CT Scans | Surgical Videos| Cloud Backup | Archival | Bookmarking | NABH Compliance
PD Analytics

Insights into healthcare data powered by AI and ML

Standard Reports | Custom Reports | AI / ML Based Clinical Insights
PD Engage

Patient engagement app for doctors and hospitals

Patient Outreach | Health Adherence | Reminders | Plug Revenue Leakage

App for managing personal and family health records

Medical History | Profiles | Reminders | Vitals Tracker | Appointments
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Hassle-free solutions to manage your records making it accessible anytime, anywhere ensuring complete privacy and security of your data.
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Access your medical records shared by your healthcare provider, track your vitals and easily manage your medical records.
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Dr. Alay Banker,
Banker's Retina Clinic,

PD+ ePrescription Tab can enhance Doctor's efficiency, improve their business, save their time, Plug their revenue leakages. Listen to Dr. Alay Banker sharing how PD+ has made him see 1.5 times more patients & still impress his patients ! Read More
For PD+
Dr. Pankaj Khandelwal,
Baroda Laproscopy Hospital,

"PD plus, tablet based OPD solution is a very doctor friendly system, of managing your outdoor patients. The biggest benefit is that it reduces your time which you spend per patient, fast to handle patients and also very easy to access the old records. Much more better, than the routine HMS which we were using earlier and much more faster.” Read More
For PD+
Dr. Shilpi Shukla,
Isha Hospital,

This is a wonderful- wonderful way of totally digitalizing the entire working of your entire hospital. Most importantly I think it has made my entire hospital very efficient. I would say, efficient by almost two times. Read More
For PurpleDocs
Dr. Monish Malhotra,
VINS Hospital, Vadodara.

No complaints, hassle free services. PurpleDocs solves the problem of document safety, retrieval and storage of imaging and large files. Document & patient data retrieval and analysis is at a mouse click. Patient records can be retrieved on my mobile phone itself.
For PurpleDocs
Dr. Mahesh Desai,
Director, MPUH (Kidney Hospital),
Ex-President, Society International d'Urologie (SIU)
At the moment, they are one of the best in Gujarat. This has the potential not only to preserve records but also to analyze the data as per diseases and look at outcomes.
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